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Discover the Perfect Home Office For Small Spaces With These Tips

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As many people’s workspaces become increasingly mobile, an office space is often an essential feature in one’s home. But what if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to a home office? There are plenty of options, provided you choose your home office furniture carefully and follow a few smart tips. There’s absolutely no need to relegate a home office to an entire room, especially if you’re trying to curate the perfect home office for small spaces. We’re positive that there’s a space in your home that can be rearranged to create room for a stylish, multitasking home office space. Check out our tips below.


Look at your home with a fresh eye. Is there a corner of your living room or guest bedroom that could accommodate a desk? How about the space where a console might usually fit? We’ve visited some homes where an entry has also housed a desk quite handsomely. Think creatively about your space and how it can work harder for you.

Standard office chairs need not (necessarily) apply. By using a dining room chair, stool, or side chair, you can add fewer furniture pieces to your home. When you aren’t using your desk, the chair can move to another spot in the room. Bonus: a dining chair or side chair is usually much more elegant than an office chair anyway.

Seek out chameleons when it comes to your desk. Secretary desks are a perfect small-space desk. We also love desks that can serve as console tables, entry tables or display areas when they’re not in use. These desks are much easier to integrate into a dining room, living room, guest room or entry.

Style your desk. By adding elements such as candles, a handsome table lamp, favorite art books and journals, your desk can transform itself in to a beautiful vignette in the room where it is housed, making the addition seem more natural.

Accessorize and organize. Keep needed work tools such as laptop, power cords, files and other items hidden away in drawers or baskets. Pencils, pens and paper clips can look lovely when housed in a pretty vase or jar.

Check out a few of our favorite desks and chairs from our home office sale. Are you adding a home office space to one of your rooms this year?
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