Back To “School” Shopping: Home Office

We know we could not have been the only kids who loved go to shopping for new school supplies.  Untold hours were wasted inhaling the smell of new notebooks & folders, clicking mechanical pencils and the fidgeting with our new backpack.  Somewhere along the way, notebooks gave way to laptops and backpacks to briefcases and messenger bags.  But who says you can’t still find the joy and excitement in “school shopping”?  Why not put the same energy into shopping for your home office?  So this week, we are giving you the “adulting” version of back to school shopping – 9 things you are going to need to have a rocking (and productive) season of work!

1.  Task Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to creating the proper mood and environment for working.  Task lighting, like our Architect Lamp, is perfect for a home office as you can direct the light source where needed.

2.  Desk Organization: Let’s admit it, we all could use a little extra help in this department.  Our Bedford Desk Caddy is perfect for wrangling all those odds and ends that always seem to make it onto your desk.

3.  Comfy Seating: Listen to your body and it will tell you what it wants….and what it wants is comfortable and ergonomic seating like our Sanford Chair.  Sitting long periods is less than ideal seating not only impacts your productivity, but also your body as proper alignment is key to avoiding repetitive stress injuries.

4.  Stylish Storage: You can never have too much storage and our Hayes Leather Baskets gives it to you in a stylish way.  We love that low basket can hide reams of paper or even a small printer if need be, while the large basket is perfect for organizing cumbersome items like wrapping paper.

5.  Ergonomic Work Space: The beauty of the Pittsburgh Crank Sit-Stand Desk is that it allows you complete flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing during your work day with a turn of a crank.

6.  Corral the Clutter:  While we love everything nicely stored away, sometimes that isn’t the case, so why not use a beautiful tray like our Sloan to corral the clutter and add a nice decorative touch.

7.  Inspiring Art:  We love the unique twist on the inspirational poster with our “Life Is Beautiful” print.  Who needs a kitty hanging on a branch when you get water and an amazing sunset?

8.  Playful Accessories: Throw in some beautiful but functional accessories into your office like a pair of geode bookends.

9.  Track Your Schedule:  Keep your schedule at a glance with a magnetic calendar!  It’s a great way to leave yourself notes and never miss another important meeting!

Need more tips on how to organize and decorate your office?  Check out our entire selection of furniture, accessories and organizational aides.  Still not enough?  Then check out our Home Office & Organization Pinterest Board.



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