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Behind the Design: Snakes and Skulls, Oh My!

Yesterday, we took a field trip across the hall at Pottery Barn HQ to visit with some of the talented in-house artists that create Pottery Barn’s incredible textile designs. These artists gave us a very seasonal peek at some of their latest creations.


Do you recognize the products that were inspired by the designs? We love how the artists’ creative vision was translated into a wide variety of products, from table runners to pillows. Click through the slideshow to shop for another original artistic creation from Pottery Barn.

One thought on “Behind the Design: Snakes and Skulls, Oh My!

  1. I am terrified of snakes. Had to call my local pottery barn store to make sure they didn’t have any, in any shape or form. She told me there were, but what areas of the store to avoid. I understand it’s a Halloween “thing” but many women are just as terrified of spiders and rats. Couldn’t you do many other Halloween motifs?

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