An American in Paris: Interview with Photographer Rebecca Plotnick

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Rebecca Plotnick fell in love with Paris at first sight. “I love how beautiful and photogenic the city is,” she says. “The city constantly surprises me with its beauty.” Five years after her maiden voyage, she followed her dream of becoming a travel photographer back to the City of Lights.


Plotnick’s latest collection for Pottery Barn highlights all of Paris’s beauty, both big and small. “I love how the color of the rooftops change in the light from gray to blue in Paris, depending on the sun,” says Plotnick. “When I’m there, I take endless walks on the streets of Paris and it feels like its treasure box is constantly replenished.”


As a photographer, Plotnick finds herself drawn to color and repetition, which is why she’s often inspired by Parisian food and flea markets.


Each beautiful photograph reminds her of why she loves the city so much. “My photographs are the best souvenirs from my travels,” says Plotnick. “I’ll continue to come back to Paris until it stops surprising me.”


Last fall, Plotnick started a new series where she brought a bunch of bright red balloons to different places around Paris. “I love the response from people of all ages when they see the balloons,” she says. The spirited photos will be part of a Pottery Barn collection later this year.

See Rebecca Plotnick’s full collection for Pottery Barn.

7 thoughts on “An American in Paris: Interview with Photographer Rebecca Plotnick

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  2. Meredith Flint

    Apparently there is more than American photographer who goes to Paris for inspiration. I’m always looking for unique Paris images and also really like Jody Stuart’s Paris photography. It took some internet searching but her prints are fantastic. Maybe Pottery Barn should investigate…

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