Made by Joel Garden Coloring Sheet Kids Photo 1b

A Vegetable Garden Ripe for Color

Written by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel for Building Blocks.

Joel Henriques 06 2014 a

Throughout my childhood, both of my grandmas kept beautiful gardens. I remember feeling the importance of helping out, as well as the excitement of picking and eating the vegetables and fruits when they were ready.

Now that I have kids, itโ€™s even more fun watching their proud faces as they help out in our little garden: planting seeds, watching them sprout up, then finally crunching on a freshly picked prize.

Made by Joel Garden Coloring Sheet Kids Photo 2

When I started working on this coloring sheet, my kids immediately got out their pens and paper and started drawing along with me. I hope you and your kids enjoy coloring it in, or even creating a drawing of your own garden.

Made by Joel Garden Coloring Sheet Kids Photo 1b
Download the free coloring sheet here.

Made by Joel Garden Kids Drawing 1

Have a bountiful summer!

Awesome Joel. Trust it’s great fun to pick n eat fresh fruits off the trees. My personal experience was with tropical fruits like rambutan, mango and probably durian ;D These fruits require skin to be removed so I have yet to eat one truly off the tree ;p

I like the fine crisp lines of your drawings. And your drawings are always very children friendly. Mind if I ask who did the bottom coloured pic? Very colourful ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks Sandy! Your tropical garden experiences sound amazing!

And yes, my 7 year old daughter did that colorful garden drawing. I love the little cat she put in the tree!

Hooray! We’ve been Joel fans for a long time. I think I need to print one of these coloring sheets for myself and will my garden to be as productive.

I know very well what you mean. I grew up in a farm and I know how every vegetable grow up, I remember the taste and the work around the garden. Now I have children and I am trying to teach them to appreciate the food as they work in the garden with me. Regards!

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