The Cutest DIY Projects For Easter

Easter is this weekend, and one of the many ways we’re celebrating this year is with a few festive Do-It-Yourself projects. While Easter baskets filled with chocolate rabbits and dip dyed eggs are always a classic, we’re completely falling for these crafty ways a few of our favorite bloggers are celebrating. Come take a peek at these sweet little pastel projects we’ve been seeing all around the web…

Bunny Ears Ice Cream Cones83ca0b4133541a28824b491c918f9fe0

Studio DIY crafted up this sweet and simple idea to curb that Easter sweet tooth — these darling little bunny eared cones. Perfect for those sweets lovers that need a break from all the marshmallow peeps and chocolate bunnies!

Glitter Easter Eggs75bf6dce556a3b2c6a4a1e9b7ce7cbbf

Painting eggs for your egg hunt is the go-to, but why not get a little more glamorous this year with pretty glittered eggs like Girl Inspired blog did?

Bunny Ear Macarons6b8f5859af8519db6e7e94cf242718bd

Macarons are ever-present these days (just look at Pinterest or Instagram…they’re everywhere!), and they were made even more adorable than usual when Sugar and Cloth spruced them up for a little spring makeover. The little bunny bow ties are crushing us with cuteness!

Lavender Lemon Cake dd0224335eadb59f65f4c806e24d7aba

This pastel cake by The Wholesome Pursuit is perfectly charming for Easter (how can you resist that gorgeous lavender frosting!?), but also just a gorgeous hue in general for the spring season. This is the perfect weekend project whether you’ll be celebrating Easter or not.

Typography Easter Eggs95d37c4ff3daede1946a784fbed9c19f

Last but not least, what’s Easter without a little egg hunt? We think these little hashtagged eggs by Lovely Indeed are the cutest and will be just as fun to make as they will be to search for. What would you have yours say?!

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This is going to sound nitpicky and everything, but the “Bunny Ear Macaroons” are actually macarons. Macaroons are little mounds of coconut (I don’t know how else to describe it), not the filled cookie sandwiches featured here. Even if you look up macaroon, macarons will pop up! But macarons are French, and macaroons are American (I think). Anyway, just my little PSA. An adorable post otherwise!

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