The Chewbacca Breakfast Every Star Wars Fan Needs In Their Life

The return of Star Wars™ to theaters this month has us all REALLY excited here at Pottery Barn Kids. We’ve been hosting watch parties of the previous movies, making crafts, and even painting walls to resemble hyperspace. What we’re really craving is a breakfast to make on its opening day and beyond. Beau of Lunchbox Dad has us covered and is sharing his Star Wars excitement with an amazing Chewbacca breakfast in bed!


Sometimes I think my kids are obsessed with Star Wars. OK, I’ll be honest, my whole family is obsessed. Two years ago for Halloween we all dressed up as Star Wars characters. This included my wife who was a pregnant Stormtrooper! This past Halloween my kids begged to dress up as Star Wars characters again. Of course, my son wanted to be Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ film. In fact, every time we walk into Pottery Barn Kids, he just stops and stares at the Star Wars themed bedding. He’s drawn to it like a moth to a flame. 


Because of our family’s love for Star Wars (yes, we already have tickets to see the new movie), I thought it would be fun to create a Star Wars Breakfast in Bed. We surprised my son with his dream gift of the Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars bedding when he came home from my in-law’s house. We then served a Chewbacca breakfast complete with “Wookiee pancakes,” “Chew-bacon” (modeled after Chewie’s bandolier strap), and “banana TIE Fighters.” It went perfectly with the Millennium Falcon quilt and Death Star/X-Wing pillows! You can check out all the bedding online HERE, but make sure and scroll down this post first to see how to make this surprisingly easy breakfast in bed with my Star Wars recipe below. May the force be with your breakfast!


Wookiee pancakes: 

  • Your favorite pancake mix
  • Hazelnut or chocolate spread
  • Peanut butter
  • Blackberry
  • Black food coloring or black and white edible modeling dough


  • Bacon
  • Hazelnut or chocolate spread
  • Silver ball dragees sprinkles

TIE Fighter bananas: 

  • 3 Banana slices


Wookiee pancakes: 

1. Use your favorite recipe to cook pancakes. Cut out a half circle, as shown below, in the shape of Chewbacca’s head. You don’t have to be exact because Chewie’s head is covered with fur and the hazelnut/chocolate spread will cover up most minor mistakes.

2. Cover edges with hazelnut spread. Put peanut butter on top of the rest of the pancake. Place hazelnut spread on top of peanut butter in the shape of a mustache. You only need a thin layer of each. 

3. Use toothpick to draw “fur” lines. This also blends the two colors together. It looks tedious but it only takes a minute. 

chewbacca Collage

4. Cut a blackberry in half and place as the nose where shown. For the eyes and mouth, you can use more blackberries, black food coloring, or black and white edible modeling dough. I used the modeling dough because it is very easy to work with; you can pick it up at your local craft store for a few dollars. 


1. Cook bacon as desired. Let cool slightly. 

2. Drop small dollops of hazelnut or chocolate spread on strips of bacon. Place silver ball sprinkles on top of hazelnut spread. These form the famous bandolier strap that Chewie wears in all of the Star Wars movies.


Banana TIE Fighters:

1. Cut banana slices as shown to make TIE Fighter ships. 

2. Serve immediately before slices get brown. If you are waiting to serve, dip the banana slices in lemon to prevent browning.

Have fun making your favorite Star Wars fan breakfast in bed and make sure to check out Lunchbox Dad and Pottery Barn Kids on all of our social media channels! 


Want to win a watch party prize pack for your child and two of their friends from our Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars collection? Upload a picture to Instagram tagging @potterybarnkids telling us why your kid is the ultimate Star Wars fan using the hashtag #MyLittleJedi! Contest closes 12/18/15. Contest rules can be found here.

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