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Spring Cleaning: to Store Away or to Keep Handy

It seems the cold weather is finally on its way out! With warmer days on the horizon, we’re doing a little spring cleaning – and we wanted to share some tips on what to store away and what to keep handy for these gorgeous springtime months.


Store Away: Heavy Comforter
Keep Handy: Throw Blanket

That thick winter comforter can take a hike! Drape a casual blanket over the foot of your bed – our Pom Pom Organic Throw is light enough to keep you comfortably cozy during spring’s warmer nights.


Store Away: Thick Sweaters
Keep Handy: Cardigans

Swap out thick sweaters for the ultimate layering piece: light cardigans. (We love how blogger Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion pairs hers with a thin scarf and tee.) Store sweaters in a safe place like our Fabric Collapsible Sweater Box — it makes it easy to retrieve one if there’s an unusually cold day. (Image credit: Hello Fashion)store_keep_decor

Store Away: Clutter
Keep Handy: Interesting Decor

Now’s a good time to evaluate what’s actually in your room. Is it mostly clutter, or do you have things worth putting on display? Stow anything you’re not using for spring – heavy sweaters, books from winter semester, etc.– in style-savvy baskets and bins. Then with your freshly cleaned space, show off things you’re loving (like jewelry or pretty plants) in transparent decor like these fun glass bubbles or add planters to bring the cheer of spring indoors!

Store Away: Winter Boots
Keep Handy: Colorful Flats

Step into spring with your brightest kicks – and save your riding boots for chillier days. (Image Credit: Lovely Pepa)

Which items do you store away after winter? And how do you refresh for spring? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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