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Small Space Storage Solutions

Living in tight quarters and small spaces can make keeping kid stuff organized a bit tricky. But we have a few ways to make this an easy task, even if you don’t have a lot of room for larger storage options. We’ve picked options to fit the smallest of spaces as well as multi-purpose furniture and shelving for the home.

fit-anywhere totes  — 3 ways


  1. You’d be surprised how fast knickknacks around the changing table can pile up. Storing them in our Canvas Nursery Storage will make changing time a snap. If your baby has outgrown the diapers phase, these grab-and-go bins are also perfect elsewhere in the house for holding toiletries, cleaning supplies or even beauty accessories.
  2. No one likes being surprised by the squeak of rubber duckie when sneaking a shower before the kids wake up. Our Tubby Organizer has a suction mount to store those toys in the tub for easy clean up after the kids’ bath time.
  3. Arts and crafts have to be one of our (and their!) favorite after-school activities but nothing is worse than having to search the house for that one missing crayon or glue stick. To avoid a perpetual scramble, we keep our supplies in these Chandler woven totes. What makes these caddies extra special are the chalkboard labels woven on the front along with easy-to-carry handles to take the crafts to any room.

 multi-purpose shelves — 4 ways


  1. Every toy deserves a home! When your little one is done playing, this Dollhouse Bookcase can serve as extra storage for toys, books and games. Add white wicker baskets for items that you want easy access to but don’t warrant being on display.
  2. Leave canvas storage buckets in key places around your home as a quick and easy way to store little pieces like wooden blocks or doll accessories. These sturdy storage bins are machine washable and can be monogrammed to identify where toys belong or which sibling each bucket belongs to.
  3. If space doesn’t allow for crates or tubs, toy chests are always a good overall storage solution for toys, clothes, blankets, and keepsakes. Each has the classic hinged lid to keep belongings tucked away and out of site.
  4. When shopping for furniture, look for multi-use pieces that serve not only a practical purpose but can also double as additional storage. Our Cameron 1 Shelf Bookcase is a perfect solution to put storage within kids’ reach as well as a bench for last-minute morning shoe adjustments.

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