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Rescue Patrol Birthday Party

Written by Tara Berger of One Stylish Party for Building Blocks.

This birthday party’s theme is perfect for little boys (and girls!) who admire the everyday heroes who make our world a better place. I embrace and encourage all of my son’s interests, but I became especially excited and proud when his fascination with rescue workers took hold.

For his 4th birthday party, rather than limiting the theme to one rescue hero, we decided to combine them to create “Mason’s Rescue Patrol.” The party featured fire fighters, policemen, paramedics and construction workers!

OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty1OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty2One of the best parts of this party is that you can start with what’s already in your child’s toy collection – chances are you have at least a few things that fit the theme. I used the Fire Station, Police Station, Police Car and Construction Crane from Pottery Barn Kids as the focal point for my son’s party. I then based the desserts and other decor elements around the toys.

To set the scene, a real antique fire truck was parked behind the dessert table (talk about an awesome photo op!). The graphic elements – such as the invitations, custom party logo, favor tags and straw flags – helped tie everything together for a fully cohesive theme.


I chose fun and whimsical desserts such as fire cake pops, rescue-hat sugar cookies, rescue vehicle Oreos, and gourmet candy like licorice wheels and silver sixlets. I also created cups of “dirt” to tie in with the construction aspect of the theme. In mini jars, I layered chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos, then garnished with wooden spoons so guests could dig right in.

OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty5OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty4 OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty6

For the cake, we opted for something simple since there was a lot going on with the rest of the party. We chose a textured white buttercream cake adorned with a rescue badge and an ambulance topper (my son’s favorite rescue vehicle!). Lastly, each party favor included a plastic rescue hat and a chocolate police badge.

OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty7 OneStylishParty-PolicemanParty8

Want to create a rescue patrol-themed party? Here are a few tips!

  1. Take inventory of your toys. Start by looking through your child’s toy box to see what you already have. Toy fire trucks, construction cranes, ambulances, police cars and fire stations can be used as centerpieces near the birthday cake, or as pedestals for food and desserts.
  2. Invite a real rescue worker to the party. Look to your community or friends and family to find a volunteer fire fighter or retired police officer. Have them stop by the party in uniform, and perhaps offer to make a donation to their local branch or office in return. I think you’d be surprised how many people are willing to make a child’s birthday even more special!
  3. Details, details, details. I love the little touches that help bring a party theme to life. Try themed food and desserts, such as “cups of dirt” or “fire hose” licorice wheels. Also, get creative with clever phrases such as “hydration station” instead of “beverage station.” Let the guests’ imaginations run free by having them dress up and pretend they’re real rescue heroes for the day.


Vendor Credits

Event Concept and Design: One Stylish Party / Photographer: ME Photo & Design / Wooden Rescue Toys: Pottery Barn Kids / Antique Fire Truck: Dave Smiley / Graphic Design: Itsy Belle / Cake: Divine Cakes, Inc. / Police Cake Pops: Bella’s Bakery & Bowtique / Fondant Oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses / Fire Cake Pops: Painted & Sprinkled / Rescue Hat Sugar Cookies: NatSweets / Chocolate Police Badges: Siftin Pretty / Gourmet Candy: / Sequin Tablecloth, Apothecary Jars, Slate Tray, Chalkboard Labels, Mini Jars: Koyal Wholesale / Giant Balloon, Tassels and Fringe Number: One Stylish Party

This is fantastic! What a great idea to use favorite toys in the display – makes it even more special for the birthday boy. I also love the idea of inviting a community hero to the party for a meaningful touch. Great stuff here, I love every detail! (Um, and an anitque fire truck? WOW! LOVE!)

You are right, the birthday boy did love the toys! I’m so glad to hear you like the party. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

I just loved including your cake pops in my son’s party! Thankfully I got to grab one off the table before they were all gone too and was it good!

The cake from Divine Cakes, Inc was the absolute perfect centerpiece for the rescue patrol dessert table. My son absolutely loved the ambulance cake topper and the strawberry filling was a hit with all the kiddos (and parents!) at the party!

Thanks so much for your kind words! The kids were definitely excited about the chocolate police badges and I think the moms were too since it was just only piece of candy rather than an entire bag full!

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