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Reorganizing for the New Year: a Before and After

Written by Emily A. Clark for Building Blocks.

It’s hard to share a room with your sister. Especially when you’re 7 and your many treasures require lots of space.

Our two oldest girls share a room, and no matter how much I’d beg, plead and fuss, there always seemed to be a constant stream of clutter (or prized possessions, depending who you ask).

Well, there also wasn’t enough storage – we needed a place where they could display the things that mattered to them. So, we brought in the Catalina Bookcase as a solution to make everyone happy:


With five kids, we’re learning to take advantage of every square inch of our house. In the girls’ shared room, that means letting no good corner go to waste. Before, every surface in the room was always covered in stuff:


And this little spot mainly served as a battleground for Barbies:


Adding a pretty bookcase not only cleaned up the corner, but the girls now have a special place to display their things.


Baskets are a mom’s best friend. I added four Sabrina Baskets to create hidden storage to help with quick room cleanups. They’re the perfect size to hold everything from tiaras and toy dogs to slippers and mermaid wigs – you name it!


I pulled some pieces from my milk-glass collection to hold their beads and baubles on top. The top shelf is reserved for a few of their favorite books (though I’m sure they’ll rearrange everything many times).


And in case you’re wondering what happened to the heap of dolls that used to occupy this space: They’re neatly tucked away in the closet, thanks to this shoe organizer from PB Teen.  It’s the perfect (hidden!) Barbie hotel:


What are your tried-and-true ways to make the most of a room? Share with us in the comments below!

Great ideas! I was wondering if you could share the grey color on the walls. My girls also share a bedroom and their ceiling is painted pink.

Genius idea for the Barbie storage! We have a storage ottoman/coffee table in our living room and it’s a total life saver. We store diapers, wipes, and toys in it. It makes for quick and easy cleanup too. One day I’ll have a pretty glass coffee table again, but for now this is way more functional! 🙂

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