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Registry Needs when Expecting Baby #2 with Brittany Fullwood


Hi there! Britt Fullwood here- writer of Hello Honey, wife to Zach, and Mommy to Bear (6 years) and Boone (10 months). While I’m certainly no expert on the matter, it feels like we’ve tried every baby product on the market by now and have a good idea of what items every registry needs (and doesn’t!). Registering for our second son, Boone, was much easier than the first time but still a challenge. Now that Boone is 10 months old, I can officially say what products both boys have truly needed, and I’m happy to share the top 10 with you!

1. Nuna PIPA™ lite lx Infant Car Seat

You will want a new, clean car seat for baby #2 and most importantly, one that is safe. The Nuna PIPA is known for being really light and has great neutral color options.

2. Nuna DEMI™ Grow Stroller

You’re never going to want to leave the house without a stroller, even more so than with the first kid! No matter the age gap of your little ones, life will be made much easier with a double stroller. I can’t tell you how many times I thought my 6 year old would want to walk beside me at the mall, but he asked to ride in the stroller instead. For us, this has been a splurge-worthy item. When we’ve skimped on strollers in the past, they never held up well and we regretted not picking out something more durable.

3. Kendall 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Having two children makes one realize the importance of investing in products that last. One regret we had with Bear was not getting a crib that could be converted into a bed as he got older. Chances are you’re smarter than we were and already got a convertible crib for your first child, and want a quality one for your second child. The Kendall 4 in 1 is a great option that converts into a toddler bed and later on a full bed so this could be the only bed your child ever needs. *A tip, go ahead and register for the toddler bed conversion kit, too. You’ll be glad you have it later on!

4. Harper Baby Bedding Set

I could rave about Pottery Barn Kids bedding all day, but one of my favorite things is how fun it is to customize baby bedding. Want it monogrammed? Check. Want to mix polka dot sheets with striped bumpers? Check. So many options and the quality is amazing. The Harper Bedding in navy will probably always be my pick for the boys because it’s classic, sweet, and goes with any nursery theme.

5. Boppy & Cover

One thing I didn’t register for with Boone that I regret is a Boppy pillow and cover. I pulled the pillow I used with Bear out of storage about a week before Boone was born and had to make a mall run for a new one. Just trust me on this, even if your pillow is still in good shape, you’ll want a new clean cover for snuggles with baby #2. Even sweeter when it has his or her name monogrammed on it.

6. Inglesina Gusto Highchair

Maybe it’s having messy boys, but our high chair went in the dumpster the minute Bear was done with it. That thing was gross. I don’t believe in spending a ton on a high chair because honestly, they’re not something you’ll use forever and they all serve the same purpose. Choose one that’s safe and sturdy, like the Inglesina Gusto Highchair. This one is under $150 so it makes a great gift for someone wanting to spoil your new arrival!

7. Animal Friends Classic Activity Gym

This is another item that you may have left over from your first child, but we tossed Bear’s since it had spit-up stains and he used it so much it was worn out. Activity gyms are excellent for stimulation which helps with nap time…in case you weren’t already sold.

8. Nuna x PBK SENA™ Aire Playard


This may be hard to believe but we didn’t use a pack ’n play much at all with our first child. We gave it away to friends when Bear was 2. Different story with Boone- we use it all the time for travel and any time I need to get work done around the house. I love that the mattress of this playard is machine washable which makes clean-up so much easier.

p.s. this playard comes in our favorite Pottery Barn Kids print—Broken Arrow!

9. Project Nursery Sight and Sound Soother

Bear loved his sound machine from day one and still sleeps with it going every night, so I knew we needed one for Boone, too. Turns out it’s even more necessary for baby #2 to help drown out the noise of big sibling during nap time!

10. Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier

We have and love this Tula Free to Grow Carrier; it was especially a life-saver during the first 4 months when Boone slept a lot of the day. I needed free hands to tend to Bear but still wanted Boone close to me, and the Tula Carrier allowed me to do both. I never used a carrier with Bear because I didn’t have to get off the couch if I didn’t want to, but a carrier is a necessity when you have more than one child.

I hope this list has helped you with creating your own registry to welcome your newest addition. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, it’s important to remember that once you have the necessities, everything else will fall into place. Don’t stress! You got this. And thankfully Pottery Barn Kids makes the registry process a breeze. Congratulations on your newest bundle!

Click here and let’s get started on your registry today! P.S. Pottery Barn Kids offers 20% off items remaining on your registry, so you don’t miss a thing!


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