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Pretty Little Wish Boxes for Valentine’s Day

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Today’s post is coming to you from a girl we adore here at PBteen, Jessica from The Confetti Bar. Anyone who can make a career out of confetti and DIYs is someone we aspire to be like! Check out how Jessica is prepping for Valentine’s Day with a little help from PBteen… 😉

Hey guys, Jessica from The Confetti Bar here! I am so excited to share this easy Valentine’s Day idea with you all! Valentine’s Day is such a fantastic time to give someone you care about a special reminder that you love them — whether it’s your mom, your bestie, or maybe your pesky little sister even 😉

The Confetti Bar_PB Teen_Wish Boxes_0003What better way to celebrate than with a good old fashioned hand written note to wish something magical for the person you care about? Only this year I decided to give adorable confetti filled wishboxes instead of just cards to those I am nearest and dearest too. Here’s how…

The Confetti Bar_PB Teen_Wish Boxes_0002Step 1: To make a love note even more lovely, place them in something special! I placed my notes into the Emily + Meritt Wishbox collection

Step 2: Next, I wrote a special wish on a piece of scrap paper, rolled it up, and tied with a fancy ribbon. The wishes were sweet notes to my friends and family that I thought would really make their day extra special!

Step 3: To make the boxes have that extra bit of Valentine’s Day pop I added a little confetti from The Confetti Bar, and then placed the notes inside.

The Confetti Bar_PB Teen_Wish Boxes_0006Bonus Step: Feel free to also hide a few little trinkets if you’re giving this as a gift! Or you could even write a special note to yourself, and keep it hidden amongst the confetti for luck and safe keeping.

Pretty simple right? I’ve made a special instruction sheet for you to pin to Pinterest so you can save this idea!
Wish-Boxes-600pxTell us who YOU would share a special wish box with in the comments below!

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