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Behind the Scenes

PBteen Extraordinary Teen – Nicholas Lowinger

For the past couple of months we have been highlighting our amazing Extraordinary Teens! Today we are learning about the extraordinary efforts Nicholas Lowinger is making for the homeless!

Nicholas is helping homeless kids put their best foot forward. Since 2010, his foundation has donated brand-new footwear to over 40,000 infants, children and teens living in homeless shelters in 42 states throughout the U.S. Each new pair of shoes is given with a personalized message on a card decorated by his team of volunteers. Through the Gotta Have Sole Foundation, he has activated over 3,900 youth leaders nationwide to rally thousands of their peers to run clubs and assist homeless youth in their own area, bridging the gap between homeless and non-homeless youth and creating more accepting communities. To date, Nicholas has raised over $575,000 in monetary and footwear donations and is looking forward this year to rolling out a national pledge campaign to help homeless youth, and a new scholarship program for disadvantaged high school seniors pursuing a higher education. He is also very excited to expand his Gotta Have Sole program into shelters in all 50 states by the time he graduates high school in June, 2016.

We’re so honored to have Nicholas among the PBteen extraordinary teen family  To donate to his cause, visit here!

F15sp63Nicholas_dm_013Fun Facts about Nicholas

  • Favorite Travel Destination – New York City
  • Dream College – University of Penn, Wharton School of Business
  • Favorite day of the week – Friday
  • Favorite room in the house – Garage (his show warehouse)
  • Most prized possession – Signed shoe and tennis ball by Roger Federer
  • Favorite candy – Sour patch watermelons
  • Favorite childhood movie – Star Wars
  • Bedtime – 11:00pm to midnight
  • How he would take care of the planet – Provide equality and equal opportunities to all people

DSC_0118 copyDSC_0137 copyIf Nicholas was granted three wishes he would ask for the following: to be friends with Roger Federer, for world peace and for everyone to have equal opportunities.

For more info on Nicholas and all of our Extraordinary Teens visit here. Tell us what makes you extraordinary by entering our contest for a chance to be featured on PBteen like Nicholas!

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