PBK nursery makeover for the Curry Family

We are so excited to share our nursery makeover for the 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his wonderful wife Ayesha.


Ayesha and Stephen are expecting their second child this summer. As the Curry family traveled to Cleveland and back for the NBA finals with Stephen’s 2015 NBA Championship winning Golden State Warriors team, we prepared their dream nursery for them to come home to.


Seating is key for any nursery. Our Declan rocker and matching upholstered ottoman are perfect for nursing your baby, or rocking them gently to sleep.


The focal point of the nursery is our Blythe crib. We dressed this classic crib with beautiful, soft bedding that we hope the newest member of the Curry family has many, many sweet dreams in.


Their 2-year-old daughter Riley stole hearts across the nation throughout the 2015 NBA playoffs and we did not leave her out! We gifted her the Ripley Jewel doll from our Jenni Kayne collection and she loved it. Mommy especially loved Ripley’s outfit too!


We are simply so thrilled to be a part of helping this lovely family craft their dream nursery. We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to their team and we hope they love their new nursery as much as we loved designing it for them.

Photography credit: Alli Pura Photography

Steph Curry and wife Ayesha are a role model couple. They represent the American dream for hardworking Black families. Kudos for choosing them to showcase the PBK Nursery offerings, this is a trailblazing effort for inclusive marketing.

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