Outdoor Summer Movie Night


One of the best parts about summer, according to us? The heat! We love spending warm summer nights outside, and one particularly enjoyable activity is an outdoor movie night. (Plus, it means we can check an item off our summer bucket list!) To get started, follow our handy guide on how to create the perfect outdoor movie night.

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1. Create your own movie screen. Our friends at Pottery Barn have a great how-to guide!

2. Grab some comfy seats. Try beanbags – they’re cozy and easy to move around.

3. Load up on movie snacks and refreshments! (Check out our 12 unique lemonade recipes for summer.)

4. Throw on plenty of pillows to stay comfy.

5. Pick the perfect movie…or two.

6. Pack extra blankets to stay warm.

7. For a little mood lighting, try our String Lights.

8. Don’t forget a sleeping bag to spend the night under the stars!

What’s your favorite summer movie? Tell us in the comments!


My favorite summer movie is probably Soul Surfer. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great one to check out! My Mom & I went to see Maleficent in June (I thnk it was June) & LOVED IT! Wish it was coming out sooner……..

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