National Ice Cream Day – Our Favorite Ice Cream From Around The Country


Sunday is National Ice Cream Day! We’ll take just about any excuse to try out the latest flavor of ice cream; from fresh lavender at Sweet Rose in Los Angeles to scoops of frozen custard in Chicago — the truth is we haven’t met a scoop we didn’t swoon for. To celebrate this most scrumptious of holidays we’re giving you the scoop on where to find the best ice cream around the country. Here were some of the faves shared from bloggers, PBteen team members, and YOUR Instagrams…

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The San Francisco Bay Area

(PBteen’s Hometown!)

While summers in SF are typically foggy and cool, that would never stop us from ordering a cone or two!

Los Angeles

Land of the palm trees, movie stars, and 360 days of pure sunshine — perfect for ordering a honking scoop of rocky road!

New York City

Known for their relentlessly hot and humid summers, you’ll need a cone just to cool off…


The residents of the windy city like to treat themselves to not only traditional ice cream, but frozen custards too!


Dallas’s warm and windy summers make ice cream nights the perfect way to relax…

Our list is far from complete, which is where YOU come in! What’s your favorite hometown ice cream? Be sure to share in the comments and tag us on Instagram @PBteen!

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National Ice Cream Day? I personally think that should be every day of the year! (Or in the summer at least!) Unfortunetly, my hometown doesn’t have an icecream parlor 🙁 but in Flagler beach FL there is a great place called Sally’s. I recommend it highly!

Oh, what a wonderful idea and day!!!!!!!! And, just to show my glee and support, I’m sitting here having for supper the last of my Breyers Gelato Indulgences Tiramisu, and it is OH SO GOOD!!!! So sad that there were only two TBSP.’s left!!! Off to the store tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll also replenish my Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato!!! I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do so enjoy my occasional wee bit of Ice Cream (Gelato), especially when my A/C is on the fritz, as it is now!!!!

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