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Make It Personal this Christmas

‘Tis the season of giving – and what better way to make your gift stand out than personalization? Not only will personalized gifts make your gift seem more thoughtful, but it can also be a great keepsake.

From toys, to blankets to jewelry boxes, you can make any item personalized for the person you are giving it to. All you have to do is choose what you want it to look like from initials to full names. You choose the color and font and then we send it to you! We have included our top picks to get personalized before the Christmas cutoff of December 18th.

Anywhere Chairs 

Make your little one feel special with a chair of their own. Not only will they be obsessed with their perfectly fit kid size chair, but adding personalization will make it stand out even more. Add their name or initials to make their chair stand out! It is especially great with siblings, so each may have their own personalized chair.

Plush Rockers

These oo-so-cute rockers will be a baby favorite this Christmas. Monogram your rocker with your baby’s name as both a keepsake and a fun way to personalize their things. Your baby will love their baby sized animal rockers.

Backpacks and Luggage

Whether your child is in school or going on travels with the family often, adding their name to their luggage or backpacks is an easy way to make their bags visible and easy to find. Backpacks can easily get mixed up in a baggage claim or at school, but adding their initials will make their bag stand out in a crowd.


Frames are an easy way to make a memento for a friend or your children. Personalized frames never go out of style and you will be able to use them in many years to come. It can add an elegant and personal touch to any room.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes are a special keepsake that your child can keep in their room. These are great gifts that can add a feminine touch to any bedroom. It not only hides clutter, but also serves as a beautiful piece of decor to add to a tabletop.



Who doesn’t love receiving toys on Christmas? From woodwork benches to cooking sets, take your children’s toys to the next level with monogramming. It could even help prevent a future sibling rivalry over who owns which toy.

Don’t forget to order your personalized gifts in time! Head into our stores before it’s too late! Learn more about personalization here.

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