A Leaf Crown DIY to Make a Thanksgiving Tradition

Stringing together flower crowns is a spring and summer tradition with our kids, and we’re so excited to have discovered a way to keep this favorite activity going in the fall thanks to our friends at Beijos Events. The autumnal substitute for flowers? Leaves! Follow the instructions below from the Beijos ladies for a leaf crown DIY that will become a Thanksgiving custom.

Supplies needed

  • Scissors
  • Freshly fallen leaves — look for soft, bendy leaves not the crisp ones



  1. Trim the bulbed end from the leaves so that it can pierce another leaf.
  2. Take your first leaf and fold 1/3 of the leaf behind itself.
  3. Take your next leaf and gently poke the end through the first folded leaf.
  4. Weave the end in and out a few times.
  5. Fold 1/3 of each leaf behind and continue this pattern until the crown is large enough to encircle the wearer’s head.
  6. Finish your crown by weaving the final leaf with the stem of the first leaf, being careful to tuck the ends in.

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Photography by Megan Welker

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