042214-Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day: 3 Green Tips from the Lorax!

042214-Happy Earth Day

Today’s a very special day
to celebrate the Earth and say,
“Thank you for the trees, and the sea, and the air,
we’d like to show you how much we care!”
So we’re sharing some tips from Dr. Seuss
for you and your family to put to good use.

This first one is great when you need extra space
for shopping, or traveling all over the place!


Energy isn’t in endless supply,
so conserve when you can and we’ll never run dry.


Lastly remember to clean up around you
and do your part daily because now you know how to!


Happy Earth Day from your friends at Pottery Barn Kids and Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax! Shop our earth-friendly products on potterybarnkids.com for organic bedding, toys and eco-friendly essentials.

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