The Everygirl: 3 Styling Tips for a Chic Study Space


Here at The Stylehouse, we find inspiration everywhere – from our Pinterest boards and favorite blogs to editorial sites we’re always scouting for fresh, creative ideas. So today’s post is especially exciting for us!

We’ve teamed up with two major sources of inspiration: Alaina and Danielle, founders of The Everygirl, to create the chicest study space for fall. With back to school and dorm move-in day upon us, we knew it was the perfect time to see what these two had to say– and you’re going to swoon over what they came up with! Here are their top three tips for styling YOUR best study space.

Tip 1: When decorating, stick to two or three main colors – more will make a small space feel cluttered.

Tip 2: Make the most of what space you have! This includes floor space, wall space and under-bed space – it’s all valuable in some way.theeverygirl-pbteen-dorm-37

Tip 3: Surround yourself with tools, words and items that motivate and keep you organized. School can be exhausting and stressful, so make your workspace somewhere you enjoy spending time!theeverygirl-pbteen-dorm-4

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Looking for more tips to get your room ready for school? This is just a sneak peek! Head over to The Everygirl today for the full scoop on how to create three completely different (and seriously stylish) study spaces. We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to pick a favorite!  

Plus, learn more about the two inspiring women behind The Everygirl


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Co-founders Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss met through blogging in 2010, and enjoy living in Chicago, and having in-depth conversations with their canine coworkers.

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