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How To Keep Your Room Organized

Happy #CleanUpYourRoomDay! We know, we know. Cleaning your room probably isn’t on the top of your list of “fun things to do” but trust us, you’ll be surprised how much a cluttered room can affect your mood. With so many things lying around with no rhyme or rhythm, it can get overwhelming and sometimes cause lots of distractions (especially if your room is where you’re studying for finals!). So for this special occasion, we looked to some of our favorite Instagrammers for inspiration to see how they’re keeping their room tidy!

National Clean Up Your Room Day

Collecting jewelry and makeup is one of our favorite hobbies but if you’re not careful, these glam-tastic accessories can clutter up your vanity really quick. We love how @annawithlove has put her favorite jewels and beauty products on display with our versatile tackboard and golden containers. It’s simple to keep organized and easy to grab and go in the mornings!

Clean Up Your Room Day

Nothing’s worse than losing your favorite pen/pencil. Gilit from @thebannerie keeps favorites in our Emily and Meritt Bunny Ear Pencil Holder that invites some vintage inspiration and whimsy style.

Clean Up Your Room Day

To keep it simple and sleek, @kateymcfarlan added our Emily and Meritt Wardrobe Rack to her space. This is the perfect solution if your room doesn’t have a closet or your closet is too small to store coats or thicker sweaters.

Clean Up Your Room Day

This beautiful setup looks like a perfect place to start off the day! @kasiadabrowski celebrates the beauty of her perfumes with a mirrored tray that groups them together for a chic and polished look.

Clean Up Your Room Day

Keeping your favorite books in top condition is easy with a wooden or metal bookcase. You can also store other knick knacks by adding colorful baskets and bins, just like @Jessicaalba in her daughter’s room!

Show us how you’re keeping your space clean  with #mypbteen for a chance to featured on our Instagram.

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