Happy Trails! A Fun Activity to Keep Kids Hiking

Written by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel for Building Blocks.


It’s always great to get kids outside for walks or hikes. To make it even more exciting, I like to have them pick out a few small toys for their backpacks. Then, every once and awhile during the hike, we stop for a few minutes, make a little scene with the toys, and take a photo.

MadebyJoel-NatureWalk2 MadeByJoel-NatureWalk3 MadeByJoel-NatureWalk4MadeByJoel-NatureWalk5

These days, you can just use your camera phone – so it’s really easy. Plus, the activity is a nice incentive to keep them going. When the hike is finished, kids really love seeing how the photos turned out. As a bonus, you’ll also have some fun documentation of the outing.

MadeByJoel-NatureWalk6 MadeByJoel-NatureWalk7 MadeByJoel-NatureWalk8

Happy hiking!

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