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Happy Mother’s Day DIY with Homey Oh My

DIY necklace 1

Mother’s Day is on Sunday! For a Mother’s Day gift, make mom a necklace she can wear every day to remind her how much you love and appreciate her!  In just a few easy steps and with your own creative choices on beads, you can create a one of a kind piece she’ll treasure with this fun DIY from Homey Oh My.


-wire cutters


-round nose pliers

-eye pins



-jump rings

-lobster clasp


Step 1: Slide your beads onto an eye pin.

2Step 2: Use round nose pliers to bend the straight end of the eye pin into a loop to keep the beads in place, then cut off the excess with wire cutters.

3Step 3: Use pliers to attach a piece of chain (pre-cut to your desired length) with a jump ring on each end of the beads.

4Step 4: Attach a lobster clasp with a jump ring on one end of the chain, then attach just a jump ring to the end of the chain on the other side.


The ends should look like this, which is how the necklace will clasp together.

DIY necklaces

Use beads or stones, and make a few if you’d like! To complete your gift, give Mom and jewelry box, like this Mirrored Jewelry Box to store her new necklace and other treasured jewels!

DIY necklace

DIY necklace 2

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