3 Ways to Get Out and Play

Happy Memorial Day! Make the most of this sunny season by rallying the kids together for a Get Out and Play Date. Here are our top 3 picks for getting started:

1. Just Add Water


You don’t need to live by a beach or a lake to take advantage of a little summer splash. Pick up an inflatable pool for your backyard or a sprinkler ball for smaller spaces and voila! You’ll have your own backyard water park all season long.

2. Be An Explorer


Got a curious little one? Visit a nearby park or hiking trail and let them get their hands dirty searching for critters to put in theirĀ Bug House. It’s a great way to explore the natural beauty and wonder in your own local community.

3. Invite the Neighbors


Call over the neighbors and let the kids get creative with a Lemonade Stand or Ice Cream Sundae Station. They’ll love playing shop and you can treat yourself to a little refreshment!

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