Celebrating Thanksgiving in The Dorms

It’s that time of year — finals, papers, and plenty of travel. But don’t forget one very important celebration — Friendsgiving! While we know you’ll likely spend the holiday of Thanksgiving with your family back home, there is another important way to give thanks while you’re away at college and that’s with your best buds. We caught up with our PBdorm Ambassadors to see how they take the time to give thanks with their pals before heading home for the holidays. SOme are simple, sweet, and cost efficient while others are all out elaborate! Take a look…HOL14_Blog_Friendsgiving

 A Good Ole Fashion Potluck

Host a potluck and movie night with everyone on your floor using the common area. Have everyone sign up for a dish ahead of time and select a few movies to enjoy before everyone heads home like Ambassadors Lauren and Patrick are doing! We also love Leslie of UCLA’s idea – everyone brings a dish to match their hometown or culture. Such a great way to mix up the traditional feast!

Race Day!

Ambassadors Ally & Patrick both mentioned doing a team race with friends like Tough Mudder or a race that benefits a charity. It’s a great way to bond, give back, and burn off some of that pumpkin pie in advance!

Night On The Town

If you don’t have a great common space to watch your movie marathon, Ambassador Madison makes a great point – some of the best movies come out during the holidays! Skip the dorm food and grab a nice dinner followed by lots of popcorn at the local movie theatre. (You may want to order tickets ahead of time, movies get crowded this time of year!)

Brunch Buffet

Leslie’s friends celebrated last year by skipping dinner and enjoying a Sunday brunch (this can be an easier time since Finals tend to get in the way!) Have each friend bring a topping and create a yummy buffet of waffles or pancakes. Be sure to reserve the kitchen of your common area, sorority, or ask a friend to borrow their apartment for the morning!

Apple Picking

We love this idea from Ambassadors Patrick and Madison! Research a local farm and see if they offer apple picking, load up a few friends and head to the farm for a fun day of apple picking. Great photo opp and a great way to get fresh ingredients for an apple pie!


Plan a night of s’mores and bonding with a group of friends – easy, budget friendly and delicious!

Friendly Reminder

We adore this idea from ambassador Rachel –  remind your friends from high school that you’re thinking of them; consider sending a few of your hometown bff’s a fall-themed card in the mail!

Traditional Feast

Dorm Ambassador Karl and his suitemates are going all out cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal in their common area using fresh ingredients to make each dish from scratch!

Tell us what YOU do to celebrate with your friends, we may just feature a few favorites! 😉

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