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Five Fun Popsicles for Summer

There’s nothing better to beat the summer heat than with an icy-cold popsicle! We’ve rounded up five flavors that are perfect for eating up and chilling out.


Frozen yogurt meets breakfast cereal in these colorful Fruity Pebbles Popsicles from We are Not Martha. Sweet and tart, this simple, three-ingredient treat will keep little ones happy during snack time.


Why have a lemonade stand when you can have a lemonade popsicle stand? These multicolored treats from Somewhere Splendid are a fun way to layer different lemonade flavors – like cherry or strawberry!


Do you have a tiny cookie monster at home? Try these health-minded Oreo Popsicles from Honey & Figs– they’re smooth and creamy with tasty cookie crumbles.


Kids will love the colorful stripes and watermelon “seeds” in this layered popsicle from Spoonful. Both bright and tasty, it’s a cool-down treat will be exactly what they want after a day in the sun.


Keep the melted and sticky messes at bay with a rainbow of Whole Fruit Pops from 84th & 3rd. They’re great for parties – and one big batch will last in the freezer all summer long.

Looking for more great summer recipes? Visit Design Studio to get inspired.

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