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Our Favorite Rainy-Day Activities

rainy day collage3You know what they say — April showers bring May flowers… While it’s tempting to start thinking “rain, rain go away,” maybe it can stay for awhile this time – we’ve got plenty of ideas for a cozy day inside. Here are a few of our favorite rainy-day activities for the next time you’re stuck indoors.

1. Host a jewelry-making party.

jewelry making partyCall your friends and assign each person one supply to bring. Print a few tutorials beforehand to give out when everyone arrives – we love this tassel bracelet by blogger Maize Hutton. (Image source: Maize Hutton)

2. Bake a sweet treat you’ve never tried.

Cupcake Rainy Day

Whipping up a yummy dessert like these Vanilla Cupcakes is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends – and a great way to keep warm indoors!

3. Give your nails a fresh coat of polish.Hampton Vanity
Being stuck inside is the perfect opportunity to get yourself out of a beauty rut. Grab your laptop and pull up your favorite YouTube beauty tutorials – you just might get lost for hours. (Pictured: Kennedy Acrylic Sectional)

4. Go embellishment crazy.

embellish shirt diyGive your favorite basics a stylish upgrade by embellishing them with colorful accents. How chic is this gemstone sweatshirt by crafty blogger I Spy DIY? (Image source: I Spy DIY)

What’s your favorite rainy-day thing to do? Share with us in the comments!

I am in Chicago and would live a rainy day instead of snow:)! My favorite rainy day activities is to craft things for my house or kids.

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