Family Road Trip: Keeping Kids Entertained

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go…

It just wouldn’t be summer without a family road trip. Before the fun gets underway, one important task remains: preparing for the drive ahead. With a little planning and some creativity, you’ll make it to your final destination without a single “are we there yet?”

Here’s our roundup of fun ideas and games to keep them entertained:

Go on a grand adventure. Make your little one feel like an explorer in the wild with a pair of kid-friendly binoculars. Draw a map of your route with a few points of interest to spot along the way, and give them star stickers so they can track their progress.


Explore their inner artist. Fill the first few pages of a sketchbook with a handful of drawing prompts. Have your kids complete each picture, or ask them to draw various scenes they see outside the car. By the time you get where you’re going, you’ll have a journal of their creativity.


Play some good old-fashioned games. Remember these? Not only do they help pass the time, they also let the whole family participate.

  • The License Plate Game: Have each person make a list of all the different states’ license plates they see along the way. For incentive, award a special snack or prize to the first person to find 10 different states.
  • The First to See…: See who can be the first to spot 25 of anything you (or your kids) choose – police cars, white trucks, motorcycles, etc. Award the winner with a special treat.
  • DJ for an Hour: Let each person in the car be in charge of entertainment for an hour. As the resident “DJ,” they get to choose the radio station, movie or book on tape.


Happy driving!

Great post! Dj for an Hr isnt much of a game but is definitely fun when you are the one in control. A good variation for kids who are a tad bit older is to play “The Music Game”. Someone picks a song on their iPod and whoever guesses it first gets a point….First to 10 or so wins and becomes the song chooser. I have a website dedicated to road trip games. It can be found at if you are interested.
Thanks again

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