Dorm Room Essentials from our PBdorm Ambassadors

Survey time! Since we know many of you are preparing to move into the dorms for first semester, we decided to ask our current PBdorm ambassadors to share what essentials they recommend in your dorm room for your freshmen year. These guys have been there (they were all freshmen just last year!) which makes them the perfect group to share what you’ll want to bring to the dorms this year…


Caroline: Mirror (zoom in and regular size!), a large enough laundry bin, extra towels and sheets, a very big pillow and cleaning supplies.


Karl: Shelving, a comfy chair, a lap desk, anything you can use for storage, a fridge, a microwave, a fan and some lamps.


Madison: Reusable water bottle, reusable dishes and utensils, tissues, earphones, personal photos and reminders of home.


Ally: Pictures of family and friends and a ton of warm blankets.  I love to keep a few snacks in my room as well and definitely a tumbler cup full of water.  Also- a vacuum is essential!


Emily: Blankets, fruits and vegetables and fun pals.

What’s at the top of YOUR list? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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