The Dorm Diaries: Tips for Finding Balance While Away at College

This post was written by one of our fabulous PBdorm ambassadors, Ali Kariotis


Finding balance in college can be a daunting task. With studying, exercising, working, spending time with friends, and sleeping, most days feel like a whirlwind! It’s always a challenge, but with my freshman year coming to a close, I’ve discovered a few key things I can do to help me stay sane.

1) Explore! Don’t get so caught up in hitting the books that you forget to try new things. I look at college as an opportunity to explore – there’s really no better time to discover as many new interests and activities as you can. One of my roommates takes yoga classes in town, and after going with her one day after class, I found something I enjoy that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

2) Keep doing what you love. I try to make time outside of studying for extracurricular activities. I’m a competitive mogul skier on the U.S. Ski Team, and I also work at a preschool just off campus a few times a week. College can be stressful, but these activities keep me busy – which makes me a lot happier, too!

3) Take a breather. When I feel swamped by everything on my to-do list, I love to go on a walk. Having roommates can make it difficult to get away for a few hours (even though I love spending time with mine!) – don’t forget that it’s healthy to step back for a little alone time.

4) Exercise! For me, exercise in the middle of the week – such as a walk or run – is the perfect way to unwind and slow down. I’ve found that it’s definitely key to put schoolwork first, but studying is so much easier when I make time for exercise.

5) Create a schedule. I’m most productive when I schedule out my days. If I give myself only three hours to do homework before training, the pressure helps me get it done. College allows you to completely control your own time, and for me, planning out my days is the best way to make sure I get everything done – and still get some sleep!

I’d love to hear your tips for maintaining balance while away at school. Share them in the comments below!

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