Dog of The Month: Dogs in Halloween Costumes

Normally we like to select one dog to feature as our Dog of The Month, but for the month of October it felt only appropriate to give a nod to all the dressed up pooches of Halloween! Today we’re bringing you a few of the cutest trick-or-treaters around…

The Classictumblr_mvhs34RztR1qei7a7o1_500

This four-legged spookster is keeping things old school with a classic ghost sheet costume. Nice try, but you’re a little too cute to be scary, mister! 😉

The Wiz Kidaa8b7706bd140545115772aa97835f9d

This cute little guy is dressed up as everyone’s favorite wizard for Halloween and he couldn’t look more fetching doing so! (Costume available on Etsy!)

The Pirate Pugb18ba417f4eab16da55eeaa0ab0fde7c

This pug is searching for buried treasures in the most adorable way possible (we may have snort-giggled over his curly-cue tail sticking out of his little pants!).

The Bashful Frogf5f42627dad27b8f692567178f48b15d

This pup doesn’t look like he’ll be doing too much spooking – he looks too (adorably) spooked himself!

The Happy Horsecute_animal_pictures_10

This cutie patootie is eagerly awaiting any trick-or-treats you might drop. How sweet is his little smile?

Are you dressing your dog up for Halloween? Be sure to share them with us on Instagram and tag #PBteenPuppyLove – we may just regram ya! 😉

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