DIY Ombré Wall Tassels

Today we’re featuring a fun DIY from Amy of Homey Oh My! that’s an easy way to add some color to your space: ombré wall tassels! Colorful dyes and natural textures are huge trends for summer, and this dip-dyed decor is a creative way to bring a summery touch to your space. Take a look…

DIY Dip Dye Tassels

• Yarn (natural or undyed)
• Small book or notebook
• Scissors
• Kool-Aid packets
• Dish soap
• Wood dowel

How to make a yarn tassel

These first steps are for making the yarn tassels.

Step 1: Hold a strand of yarn on the spine of a notebook or small book.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the book about 30 times before cutting off the end of it.

Step 3: Double-tie the strand of yarn from step 1 tightly around the yarn from step 2.

Step 4: Cut the yarn that’s wrapped around the book down the edge that’s opposite of the spine.

Step 5: Double-tie a strand of yarn around the top of the tassel.

Step 6: Cut off any extra-long or scraggly ends of the tassel.

Dying with Kool Aid

Now for dip-dyeing with Kool-Aid! (Bonus about dip-dyeing using Kool-Aid: you’ll be surrounded by sweet and fruity scents!)

Step 7: Put one squirt of dish soap in warm water and mix before microwaving it for 30 seconds.

Step 8: Dip the tassel into the water as deep as you’d like for the color to show, then squeeze out as much of the water as you can from the tassel.

Step 9: Mix one packet of Kool-Aid with a half cup of water, then microwave it for about 60 seconds. Do this with every packet of Kool-Aid you have if you are using multiple colors.

Step 10: Dip the tassel into the Kool-Aid and hold it in there for 10-30 seconds (or longer, depending on how deep you want the color to be). Tip: test out dipping times and colors with a spare piece of yarn before dipping your tassels.

Step 11: If you only want to dye your tassels only one color, you can squeeze out the excess Kool-Aid and stop here. To achieve the multi-color ombré look, squeeze out the Kool-Aid from the bottom portion of the tassel (first making sure that it’s not too hot) before dipping this bottom portion into a darker color. (Wear a protective glove if you don’t want your fingers getting dyed!)

Step 12: Squeeze out the Kool-Aid from the bottom tips of the tassels before dipping into the darkest color. Gently squeeze out any excess Kool-Aid before hanging the tassels to air-dry. Squeezing more out will lighten the color, which you can do if the color shows up darker than you’d like.

Tassels tied to a wood dowelStep 13: Tie each end of a strand of yarn to the ends of a wood dowel. This will be what the dowel hangs from.

Step 14: Once the tassels are completely dry, tie them to the wood dowel in any arrangement you like.

Step 15: Hang it up and admire your artwork!

Dip Dye Tassels

Be sure to check out more great work from Amy over at her blog, Homey Oh My!

What do you think? Which colors would YOU use to dip-dye your tassels?  Tell us in the comments! 

Hi, I’m in the UK and whilst i love this idea, I have no idea what Cool Aid is or whether we even have an equivalent over here – can you help? x

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