DIY Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

Make your Valentine’s Day treats even more adorable with these easy gold wire heart cupcake toppers from Homey Oh My! Each one will turn out differently as you bend and shape the wire yourself, which is what makes them so charming. Experiment with different wire colors and sizes, and switch it up with all different sized hearts!


– gold wire
– needle nose pliers
– wire cutters
– mini wood dowels

Note: If you’re using a thinner wire, you won’t need the pliers since you’ll be able to use just your hands.

wire 1

Step 1: Wrap the wire around the end of a dowel at least two times around, using the pliers to clamp the wire tightly around the dowel.

wire 2

Step 2: Bend the wire into a heart shape.

wire 3Step 3: Use pliers to pinch in the center of the heart.

Step 4: Make any other adjustments you need to by hand before cutting off the excess wire and tucking it behind the dowel.

gold wire hearts

Step 5: Stick them into your cupcakes, regular cake, or even pancakes!

DIY- Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

DIY - Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers DIY

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