DIY Feather Wall Hanging

Today Amy from Homey Oh My! Blog is back at it with another fun DIY! Show us how it’s done, Miss Amy!DIY Feather Wall HangingHi everyone, Amy here to share my latest DIY! Inspired by dream catchers, this simple feather wall hanging is a gorgeous way to bring boho-chic style to your space. It’s perfect for summer decor, and it’s also super easy to make!

-gold spray paint
-suede lace
-wood dowel

feather spray paint

Step 1: Spray the tips of the white feathers with spray paint and let them dry. I used gold here, but you can get creative with whatever color you’d like. Pink or blue would be some really fun options!
wood dowelStep 2: Double-knot each end of a piece of suede lace to each end of the wood dowel. This is what the dowel will hang by.

knotStep 3: Tie a piece of suede lace to the stem of a feather and cut off the excess.
tied knot
Step 4: Tie the other end of the suede lace to the dowel, making sure the knot is facing the back so it doesn’t show when it hangs. Start in the middle of the dowel with the longest length of lace.

gold dipped feathers

Step 5: Add on the rest of the feathers, cutting the suede lace to shorter lengths as the feathers go outward from the middle.
spotted feathers

Step 6: You can stop at the previous step, or add in different feathers like these fun spotted ones in between the white ones.

Step 7: Slide the ends of the suede lace from step 2 inward until they’re right next to where you tied the lace for the outside feathers.

feather wall hanging DIY

What do you think!? Be sure to check out more amazing DIY projects on the PBteen Pinterest page. Enjoy!

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