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Spring Break DIY Drink Umbrellas

At PBteen we are here to help you accessorize your room, but why not help you accessorize your drink as well? We took inspiration from our Emily & Meritt spring break collection and turned it into our own DIY drink umbrellas to accompany our pineapple lemonade. The process is simple and the result is oh-so-cute. These umbrellas are sure to make your beverage insta-worthy for your spring break.


  • Thick paper
  • Pencil
  • A ruler
  • A cup (for tracing a circle)
  • Scissors
  • Markers or sharpies
  • Hot glue
  • Long toothpicks



Step 1: The starting place with any fabulous DIY is finding inspiration. Take inspiration from our Emily & Meritt spring break collection and turn it into your own pattern with your favorite colors. Whether its polka dots, graphic stripes or hearts. Pick a pattern and some markers and let’s get started!

drink umbrella 1

Step 2: Trace the cup to create circles for however many umbrellas you want.

drink umbrella 3

Step 3: Next, start designing the umbrella. Trace it out with a pencil (just in case you make a mistake- nobody is perfect!) then color it in with marker. We opted for simple black and white inspired by the Emily & Meritt Hard-Sided Pinwheel Stripe Round Carry-on!

drink umbrella 5

Step 4: Get those scissors ready! because after your beautiful masterpiece is done you will want to cut the circle out. After the circle has been cut trace a line from the center of the circle out to the edge, then cut it.

drink umbrella 7

Step 5: Overlap the two sides of your cut to create a cone (or umbrella) shape and glue them together!

drink umbrella 9

Step 6: Lastly, dab a dot of hot glue inside the center of the cone. Place the toothpick in the center and hold for 20 seconds. For our umbrellas, we used long toothpicks that we cut down to the perfect size for our mason jars! feel free to use whatever kind of toothpick you think works best for your cup.

diy lemonade with drink umbrella

And there you have it, your cute drink umbrellas are ready to adorn your beverage. Pop them in and get to sippin’! Cheers to a good vibes spring break! Make sure to show us on instagram how you’re styling your refreshments using #mypbteen.

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