DIY Acrylic Pumpkin Designs for Halloween

Instead of carving pumpkins this year, my roommate and I decided to decorate them with acrylic DIY designs for Halloween! To complete our holiday vignette, we added a starry night touch with PBteen’s Emily and Meritt Star Glitter Garland. Scroll down to see how you can make these at home!



-Acrylic Paint ( I got 10- but you could get primary colors and create the others)- These were 50 cents each!

-A Variety of Paint Brushes- I prefer pointy ended ones rather than straight. I think it makes more natural lines.

-Pumpkins- I got a white and light orange pumpkin so the paint would look good on them. They were $3 each- score!!

PBteen’s Emily and Meritt Star Glitter Garland

-Cute kittens make every DIY even more fun, naturally!


First off, pick colors you love! I went with hues that were still girly and bright, but with a touch of fall in them. I always like having white because it lets you lighten any color. Painting pumpkins is incredibly creative, so you can take whichever twist you want to show your spunk, style, and individuality!


Secondly, unless you have a fabulous idea in the back of your head, find some inspiration that would look fabulously fall on your pumpkins. 

Next, you can either sketch what you will paint with pencil or pen on the pumpkin so you have guidelines, or you can just wing it! I drew a little outline of the shapes and then went for it from there.


Meet our little friend, Nory- we got to play godmothers for the day and have her all to ourselves!

After you start to really get an idea of the print, decide if you want to cover the pumpkin in it or center it around something else. I could not decide between the two, so I got two pumpkins and made one more of a print and one the border for “home”.



Lastly, once the first layer of paint dries, go in with whites and darker hues to accent the motifs you painted. It is a really easy step that adds so much to a painting! This truly is such an easy craft that adds so much character to pumpkins!


We sipped on London Fogs, had our record player going with our windows open, and enjoyed the laid-back activity. It is effortless and such a great way to bring friends together to add a little color to your home.


When we hung up this PB Teen Garland, we instantly knew it was the finishing touch to our room. The little glimmer and glisten is the perfect final touch for Halloween and the holiday season to come. Talk about a fabulous photo backdrop, am I right? I also LOVE this tassel one and this one too! It is so hard to decorate big walls sometimes and these get the job done effortlessly.


Painted pumpkins were the best decoration to our house for the fall. Guess we have to go paint more! If you all decide painting pumpkins is so up your alley (no mess- no stress!!!), I would love to see what you do! I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and a fantastic Holiday!

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