The Cutest Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are a holiday tradition that are as sweet to eat as they are fun to make! Although devouring the final masterpiece is our favorite part, we managed to find a few designs that are too cute to eat! Well…almost. Gingerbread-GiftBox

Who knew that little gingerbread houses made such lovely gift boxes? This creative idea from the French blog Carnets Parisiens would be a fun surprise for little ones to “unwrap.”Gingerbread-Cabin

Create a cozy cabin fit for winter simply by swapping gingerbread for pretzel sticks. We’re smitten with this twist from Worth Pinning that retains a few familiar elements, like a holiday wreath and colorful gumdrops. Gingerbread-PaintedHouses

Though they don’t resemble typical gingerbread houses, we were blown away by the intricate details on these Hooty Gingerbread Homes by Amelie’s House. Gingerbread-CardboardHouse

This Cardboard Gingerbread House from Inner Child Fun isn’t edible, but it sure is sweet! We love the paper plate and trim “icing,” as well the the “gumdrops” made of tissue paper balls. Gingerbread-Dollhouse

We couldn’t believe how much fun this Gingerbread Dollhouse from Heleen’s Hobbies looks. With tiny beds, toys and holiday decor, this is one creative design we could never eat!

Are you making your own gingerbread house this year? Try our Gingerbread Recipe on Design Studio.

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