A Beautiful Hangout Space by Jana Bek


Hi PBteen, interior designer Jana Bek back again and taking over The Stylehouse blog today! You might remember the bedroom makeover I did a little while back, well today I am so excited to share the gorgeous lounge hangout space that goes with it!

-VNrXvv9CyEVRSaj-FIJfoJnplHPziIgEpuJtVT2nho,cumecJiLadFuIeoNPHI7B64audXMet7weQ6eJ-nzx9gFirst up was seating (what could be more important in a room dedicated to play and relaxation?). I thought a daybed would be a fantastic fit for the space; it serves as a sofa for play and study, and a bed for slumber party guests. I next added in an array of fun pillows to add a touch of whimsy while still providing back support.


Whenever you have a pop of color on your walls like we do with this gorgeous lilac space, you’ll want to create a neutral foundation with furniture. I chose an A frame desk that will transition beautifully with my client as she ages, then added in this charming bulletin board and lamp for just the right pop of color!

usbPKQANC_BLqyLTRC4zqlkmuGMS4vJnqmXyiZWLqXY,CYW8r47HWzAvg8h865V7UaKLKZCcYfJccSnJ9VlAJUM,ZbmWJM7cyO6TA6epIxX5TLTqQmQ0W6kGOrWrweDRHYoNext up — we needed some storage space! My client happens to love American Girl dolls, so I wanted to be sure to incorporate that into the space. If you look closely, you’ll see little hanging rods that I incorporated into the shelving unit. I had dowel rods cut and painted them silver for decorative storage for all of her accessories. Plus how LOVELY are these little pink bookends?! (Pun totally intended 😉 ) Next up I added this pretty fringe garland to showcase all of her awards and ribbons in a whimsical way. I am so happy with the way this room turned out!

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts below plus head to our Pinterest page for more inspiration!

Plus for more tips and tricks from Jana, check out her beautiful Instagram!


I love you storage space!
Workdesk is also very attractive and interesting.
I love the combination of white furniture and purple walls.

Cute and funny! 🙂


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