Ask A Stylist — July: Emily & Merrit Takeover


Every month, we ask our FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans to share their design questions with us. Then we ask one of our stylists to help you out! This month we turned to fashion and design gurus Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, masterminds behind our fan fave Emily & Meritt Collection, to lend their expertise! Here’s what they had to say…

What’s your favorite fashion accessory? Do you have a tip for translating something like that into home decor?

We love a fun animal-print clutch or shoe. It’s a timeless pattern that adds instant style to any look.  You can easily translate it into your decor by adding an animal-print throw pillow!


My budget is teeny tiny, but I could really use an update…

Quickly change or add color to your space by painting the walls – all four of them, or even just an accent wall will do the trick! For a moodier feel, choose a matte navy or dark grey, and for a burst of energy, play with a poppy red or grass green.


What did your dorm rooms look like when both of you were at UCLA?

Not surprisingly, we both had denim bedding, and we accessorized with pillows and throws in tons of layers. We pinned keepsakes and photographs to our big, bare walls to add dimension, warmth and reminders of home.


How can I make a big-impact change to my room that’s still inexpensive?

Pick a color you love, and GO BIG! Paint an accent wall, or perhaps stencil a wall full of hearts or stars in your color of choice. Get a throw pillow in a fun print, or paint a corkboard in your favorite hue – you can’t go wrong with a color you love.

Ask_A_Stylist_July_4How do you organize a small room that has a sofa, a double bed, side tables, and a desk – without it looking cluttered?

Try to keep smaller items to a minimum, but don’t refrain from going oversize with your wall decor and statement pieces. It’s always better to have just a few things that each make a big impact!


How can I create a mature room, yet still have it feel playful and fun?

Start with neutral colors – whites, blacks, denims, etc. – and add touches of metallic, which always feels sophisticated. (Our Bunny Clock is perfect for this!)


I have a really small room. How can I maximize its space?

Organization is key! Try stylish storage bins under your bed, and add floating shelves for displaying books and framed photos. Also consider hanging clever hooks and wall decor a bit higher then eye line to give the feel of a taller ceiling.


What are some easy ways to bring out my personal style in my room? It feels so generic right now.

Frame personal notes, drawings and your favorite word or quote – the word “wonderful,” perhaps?! – in big frames with mattes. Use clothespins to clip everything from photographs to sweet doodles to your lamp shade or onto the edges of your curtains.


How do you balance new items and sentimental old items when redecorating?

We love the balance of old and new in both fashion styling AND decorating! To strike an ironic aesthetic, create groupings to make a statement. For instance, a collection of hand-me-down trinkets and jewelry can be cleverly clustered in a modern acrylic memory box. Empty a new, modern shelf and dedicate the fresh blank space to personal items, a small stack of your favorite classic books, or an old picture of your great-grandpa in a modern frame. Also, a cloche is a great way to give some sentimental pieces the display they deserve. A pile of dried flowers from various special occasions (like your aunt’s wedding!) is a perfect example.


What do you think your own homes and decor say about you?

We try to decorate with emotion and abandon. We love collecting pillows and blankets in mixes of prints that are equally comfortable and interesting. We pile coffee table books on almost every surface, allowing us to always feel inspired by everything from photography to architecture. We frame and hang art in places that we can share with our guests, and we fill our homes with scented candles and fresh air. The way we decorate says we love being home with family and entertaining friends – and we always enjoy being inspired in our spaces.

Ask_A_Stylist_July_10How do you keep your room up to date with the latest fashion trends?

We mix in throw pillows and blankets in prints that feel relevant. We also hang our favorite clothing pieces where we can see them – on clothing racks and decorative hooks. This transforms your favorite fashions into part of your decor.


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Hello! I recently purchased the Emily & Meritt Canopy bed for my daughter (amongst many other things in the collection)! Everything about the styling is perfection!!
Will you please share the dark grey (close to black) paint color used on the paneled walls — seen in many of the product images? It would be most appreciated!

Thank You!

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