Ask A Stylist: May

Every month, we ask our FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans to share their design questions with us. Then we ask one of our stylists to help you out! Here’s what we’ve got for you this month…

How do I create a gallery wall? – TinaBlog_AskAStylist_May_2

We make the whole gallery focus on one subject such as your family, best friend, sport or something that you are passionate about. We like to mix and match posters and paintings with 3D wall letters such a monogram or words and/or a small shelf with a pretty vase or object.

How do I choose a paint color for my room? –StacyBlog_AskAStylist_May_3

A great place to start is with a color that compliments your bedding and rug but does not over power the space. If you have plenty of natural light from windows and very little wall space you could choose a strong color because you may not see a lot of it between the window treatments and windows. If you have a lot of wall space then pick a nice complimentary color in a pale shade such as a light grey or a color that matches the bedding/rug but is a pale version of that color.

How do I know what rug size is best? – KaraBlog_AskAStylist_May_5

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you have a wood floors then choose a simple design, larger sized rug that extends beyond your bed to almost 10” from the wall. This will give you warmth and coziness and make the room cohesive, especially if the color relates to the wall color. If you prefer a bold statement rug, then make sure that you don’t cover it all up with furniture! A bold pattern on a smaller rug can make the room look larger and can make a nice transition between your desk and your bed.

Can you mix prints in your room? – TaliaBlog_AskAStylist_May_1

Totally! We like to mix something easy like our Dottie sheets with a fun print like Swirly paisley duvet or the Peyton sheets with the Anna Paisley Duvet. An easy rule we follow is to mix something simple (like a two color print) with something more multi colored and complex.

How do I make my bathroom fun? – JillBlog_AskAStylist_May_4

Add artwork to the bathroom! That’s a quick way to add personality and humor and is easily changeable. A set of colorful bath towels and a matt helps a lot too.

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I have 2 questions…
1. How do you maximize desk space when your desk is very small?
2. Which is better for a smaller room– a book shelf or floating shelves?

Which size rug do you use with a daybed? I ordered the Elsie daybed from pbteen….which type of bedding would you use to help compliment the design of this particular bed?

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