Ask A Stylist: Junk Gypsy Edition

We’ve gathered our FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans’ design questions and turned to excellent DIYers and resident PBteen designers, The Junk Gypsies to answer them! Here’s what they had to say…

What do you suggest for decorating walls that would help add some personality to my room? Blog_AskAStylist_July_1

The quickest and easiest way to make your room feel more on par with your age and your personality is to add in some fun personal touches. Polaroids tacked on the wall, old concert posters, and vinyls in frames are a great way to decorate! Get a set of hooks and hang your favorites on there; fringe hobo bags, your favorite ball caps and cowboy hats, and turquoise jewelry! Or whatever it is that makes you, YOU. You can mix and match all kinds of fun elements on the hook–from souvenirs to awards. Mix this in with prints like the ‘blaze your own trail’ poster and a chandelier and you have a great start to some killer wall décor!

What’s the best way to make my room a little bit mature and more fun without having to completely redecorate?


We understand the predicament, you’re over princesses and ponies but not really ready for taupe and boring. We GET it, and we FIRMLY believe that your room no matter what your age should always be FUN! A great way to show your personality in your room is by adding some fun decorative pillows to your bed, or if you have one, your sitting area. Pillows can be a super fun hodge podge of all of the different aspects of your personality. We also believe a chandelier should be in EVERY room and we always incorporate something whimsical, like an old concert poster or a cool vintage DIY. It’s just what we do. 🙂

How do you mix and match everything to make it work together in one room?


We’ve never been ones for matchy matchy anything–we always say we have commitment issues! The key to mixing several different styles is that there is always a cohesive element involved. Typically, for us, it is a cohesive color–and although we may mix vintage with rockstar with cowgirl–the predominant color remains.

How do I make my room feel cute and fun, while still having places to store all of my clothes and keepsakes? Blog_AskAStylist_July_4

We loveeeee hooks! There are so many cute hooks for jewelry, purses, hats, you name it! We have hooks and sets of hooks in every room! They’re functional AND great décor!

How can I create an amazing DIY for my room without having to use power tools?


Glue guns and scissors are a girls best friend! Grab your paint and glitter and you can come up with some amazing and really impressive DIY’s that’ll have all your friends wanting you to teach them how you did it!

What’s your favorite piece from your PBteen collection? How did you come up with your ideas?


We can’t decide on just ONE! Our favorite two pieces are the Be The Music You Want To Hear Wall Art piece & the Rodeo Denim Paisley Jewelry Holder!

There ya have it, style and decor tips straight from The Junk Gypsies themselves! For more from this stylish duo be sure to check out their new collection!

What wall color do you recommend for the new patch quilt? We bought the blue paisley guitar, heart & wings and “music” artwork for the walls. Also bought the turquoise chandelier and various pillows. Thanks for your help!!

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