Ask A Stylist: Eco Edition

We asked our fans on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram to share their design questions with us at #askpbteen. Then we asked M. Elodie Froment, PBteen’s resident stylist to help us out! Here’s what she had to say…

Blog_AskAStylist_Eco_1What is organic cotton? – Debbie

100% organic cotton is 100% amazing! Besides that, of course, here’s the scoop: organic cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber. It’s good for the people who produce it – and for the environment – because it’s made without toxic pesticides that can have harmful effects. Those pesticides cost money, too, so organic cotton is less expensive to make. A lot of people prefer organic cotton for bedding, clothes and other items that directly touch their skin.

Blog_AskAStylist_Eco_2What is the difference between regular bedding and organic bedding? – Kendra

In a nutshell, bedding that’s made with organic cotton is made without the use of toxic pesticides (and some would say it’s better for your skin). Organic cotton is grown in an entirely different way than conventional cotton, too – everything from how the soil is tilled to the selection of the seeds.

Blog_AskAStylist_Eco_3What does it mean to be FSC certified? – Shannon

The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent organization that’s all about protecting the world’s forests. If something is certified by the FSC, it means it was manufactured in a way that promotes forest sustainability, health and conservation. Thumbs up for the FSC!

Blog_AskAStylist_Eco_4 Where do you get the recycled fabrics for your collections? – Alex

PBteen has a large sourcing organization that scours the world for innovative fabrics. While creating our new collection with Kelly Slater, we worked with them to come up with something really cool: a fabric made of 100% cotton that’s recycled using leftover remnants from a garment factory in the US. Basically, we buy the scraps of fabric from this factory and re-weave it into the fabric that’s in the collection! What’s awesome is that all those scraps take on brand new life instead of ending up in a garbage dump.

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