The Ambassador’s Survival Guide: Library Lockdown


Hey there dorm-dwellers! It’s already October (can you even believe it!?) which means whether it’s midterms, finals, or just catching up with your reading, chances are you’re going to be on library lockdown soon. The school year has just started, but believe us, there will be many days (or even weeks) spent locking yourself in the library cramming for that final exam and pulling an all nighter to finish that 14 page paper (we’ve all been there!). To help you out we turned to Emma, one of our PBteen Dorm Ambassadors (and former PBteen intern!) who gave us the scoop on what to bring to make the most of those long days in the library…

1. Hot Coffee – a no brainer, right? Be sure to grab a hot cup (maybe with some pumpkin spice!) before heading into the library. Once you’re all set up you won’t want to leave!

2. Your planner – if you don’t yet have one you can get my tips on how to pick one and organize it right here! Now is not the time to be keeping notes on random tissues and post-its. Get organized and your exams will be that much easier!

3. Headphones & Chargers – don’t give yourself any excuses to have to pack up and leave before you’ve learned everything there is to know about Anthro 205. You’ll be more likely to stay sane with your favorite playlist and more effectively able to stalk your crush on Facebook study if you remember your laptop and phone charger.

4.  Cozy socks – the library isn’t all warm and fuzzy, so you may be tempted to leave for your much cozier bed. Keep warm and ward off the temptation to leave for a nap with cozy, fuzzy socks (bonus points for fun patterns and prints!).

5. Yummy treats – okay, so maybe ice cream isn’t the most practical or healthy library option, but during exams you gotta get your kicks where you can! Be sure to stock up with plenty of water, fruit, granola bars, and at least one splurge (just maybe make it something less melty…like sour gummy worms!).

Snap a pic of your library essentials and we just may regram it! Tag us @PBteen!

I’m in high school but these tips will be really helpful because i have important exams in two months and i am already stressing out . Guess who is moving to the library ? 😀

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