A Fresh Outdoor Book Nook Reveal

Written by Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag for Building Blocks.


When Pottery Barn Kids asked us to create an outdoor book nook we were over the moon! We love what PBK has going on right now, we’re big fans of reading, and we love, love, love children’s books.


Being a children’s book illustrator for years, we’ve acquired a great many children’s books from around the world (all in the name of research, of course). Many were stored long ago in our archives, but now, thanks to our book nook project, we have rediscovered them and are so happy to see them being loved and enjoyed again! And as for our kids: they’re actually taking breaks from their summer craziness to read and relax, or play with fun learning toys such as this Counting Puzzle. In fact, they insist on hanging out in the nook for at least 1-2 hours a day, which is nothing short of a miracle.

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When presented with the idea of an outdoor book nook, I immediately went to work sketching ideas for how we could make it an extra-special space where the kids would really want to read, play and stay for awhile. Together with my handy husband Jon, we threw ideas back and forth and finally decided on a design that was simple, modern and memorable. I was also inspired by the loft beds in my grandparents’ midcentury home in Boulder, Colorado, which they designed and built themselves. I have so many amazing memories of curling up with a good book in those beds, and so I set out to provide something similar for my kids.


I chose some of my absolute favorite finds from PBK that would work perfectly in this space. The incredible Jute Squares Rug was the jumping-off point. I knew right away that the space needed to be built and sized around it. The next item that really dictated the design was this adorable mini lantern. I knew I wanted a circular window for the lantern to hang in. Other must-haves were these amazing galvanized catch all book shelves. And from there we filled in the rest of the book nook with other great items: this Adirondack chair (which all the kids love and claim as their own–so we’re going to have to invest in two more, for sure), Nesting Floor Baskets (to store more books and our giraffe friend), and an Ivory Fur Anywhere Bean Cube.


When it gets dark, we love to put up these great lights, pull out our cozy pillow and Star Quilt, and get settled in for a good night’s cuddle and reading under the stars. Now that’s what I call summer magic!

Enter below for your chance to win a $100 PBK gift card to start creating a book nook for your little ones– Hurry, ends Sunday 7/20!

This is soooo crazy cute & clever! Love encouraging reading with lil ones and I don’t think reading could be more fun than this! Amazing job Merilee!


How was the platform constructed? What material is the fabric? Are there any step-by-step instructions for us newbies? Thanks!

I am absolutely in love with this idea!! I’m going to talk to my father right now about plans to build this for my little ones. It’ll be our outdoor sanctuary!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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