5 Ways To Get Cozy in The Dorms

One of the greatest things about fall is cozying up inside while the weather cools down outside your window. We know that feeling cozy while you’re away at college can be a little tougher than getting warm and cozy by the fire at home with your family. That’s why today we’re sharing our 5 favorite ways to get cozy while away at school. You might be studying for exams and pulling all nighters to complete papers, but we promise getting warm and toasty is just a few steps away…

 1. Sip on Hot Cocoa & Warm Apple Cidermain.original.585x0

You’re stuck in your dorm counting down the days until you can snuggle with your family dog and eat turkey (not to mention be done with exams!) – we totally get it! But before you get too glum, what could be cozier than a night in with movies playing on your laptop and a cup of hot cocoa or hot cider? We love this recipe for hot apple cider if you’re looking for a super easy one! (Image source: Here)

2. Snuggle Up in Warm Pajamasimg17o

Speaking of getting cuddled up with cocoa for the night, we prefer to drink our hot chocolate in super soft flannel pajamas! We’re all over these Grinch pjs right now – perfect for late night study seshes or just for cuddling up and taking a lil cat nap!

3. Stock Up On ScarvesIMG_5675

You likely still have several weeks left of running all around campus from class to class before you can fully indulge in Thanksgiving break. Keep warm for those days on campus with plenty of fashionable scarves like fashion blogger Emily of The Sweetest Thing did!

4. Have a Night InChavez130902_Caramel_apples_28

If you’re used to going out with your friends, suggest a night in! Reserve the common area of your dorm for baking (or ask a friend with an apartment if they’d be willing to lend out their kitchen) and try your hand at a few of fall’s coziest treats. We love caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread cookies for starters! (Pssst… we have tons of yummy recipes over on our Pinterest page!)

5. Bundle Up Stylishly!img57o

At home or in the dorms, nothing makes us feel cozier than something warm to put on our toes. We are especially obsessed with these Sparkle Sequin Slippers with just a touch of cozy fur! Perfect while you finish up papers and exams, but also the perfect item to bring home for family time!

What do you do to make these last few weeks before break extra cozy? We’d love to hear your best tips, so be sure to share in the comments below!

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