4 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Happier and Homier

Hi everyone! My name is Emma, and as a summer intern and dorm ambassador, lately I have been living and breathing all things PBteen (and I love it)! I’m looking forward to giving you the inside scoop on everything college, from move-in day to dorm essentials and anything in between. I also can’t wait to share some of my favorite things about being an intern at such a fabulous place, so stay tuned! As some of you start to think about moving out of your room and into a dorm, here are a few of my insider tips to keep you happy at your brand-new home away from home!

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From experience, I can tell you that moving away from home can be one of the most exciting as well as one of the hardest things about college. While there are plenty of new faces and a long list of fun things to do, sometimes you can’t help but feel like you are a million miles away from home. However, have no fear! These 4 tips will help make the transition smooth, and transform your dorm into a happier and “homier” place to work, hang out and sleep.

1)     Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!’

Nothing is worse than staring at a bland and lifeless cinder-block wall in your room, but no fear, there is a simple solution! Print out photos of family, friends, pets, or your favorite place and put them everywhere. Photos will help remind you of home and keep the things you love visible.

2)     Make it comfortable.

Your bed is one of the only places at school that is truly your own. I love having a comfortable mattress topper, blankets and lots of pillows to make my space as inviting and as enjoyable as possible. It also helps to have a comfortable place that will transform your dorm into your home.

3)     Storage.

It may sound mundane, but clutter never makes for a happy space. Having a place to put your clothes, and all of your things will make it easier to enjoy yourself in the dorm and will help you focus on the things that are important.

4)     A few of your favorite things.

Its no secret that your dorm can feel very uninviting, especially when you first move in. Bringing your favorite things from home can help ease your transition to school, and also make your room a happier place. I love having my favorite PB teen butterfly chair to sit in, along with my favorite magazines, and of course some of my favorite books on display. I also have recently loved getting flowers to put in my room to help ease the winter blues, and bring some life inside!

Such a great post Emma, glad to hear you are enjoying your experience with such a great company. I liked that you included the bit about some of your favourite things from home. I’m fortunate enough to be a day student having the best program choice be close enough to still get my Moma’s cooking, but some of my friends dorm rooms seem a little cold and institutional. Sounds like you would have or had one awesome dorm room considering your design savy.

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