3 Grand Ideas for Grandparents Day

How will you celebrate Grandparents Day this weekend? Create new memories for grandma, grandpa and your little one with these three activities that everyone will enjoy.


1. Make a family recipe. If your little one has a favorite recipe from grandma or grandpa, this is the perfect time to create it together. For something new, try this classic Apple Pie from The Stir to make.


2. Do something creative. From a one-on-one portrait session to baking your own DIY Alphabet Magnets from Handmade Charlotte, crafting and creating keepsakes for each other is a pastime to be cherished.


3. Enjoy story time. Whether it’s reading grandma’s favorite childhood story or listening to grandpa tell exciting tall tales, build a new tradition of sharing stories as a way to bond with each other.

For more great activity ideas, check out our Grandparents Day Ideas on Design Studio.

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