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Prized Boards: Pumpkin Decorating Inspiration From Pottery Barn’s Pinterest Boards

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Have pumpkins started popping up in your farmer’s market or local grocery store? We’ve certainly seen our share of Cinderella, Blue Moon, Aladdin, Fairy Tale and Full Moon pumpkin varieties in our neighborhood markets. We’re eager to start decorating with pumpkins, but we’re not necessarily ready to start carving. To find some great pumpkin decorating ideas, we’re scouring our Pinterest board, A Spooky Halloween by Pottery Barn.

We’ve rounded up four of our current favorite images from the board. To learn more about them, keep reading.

  1. We love Country Living’s idea of using decals to add fresh designs to a simple pumpkin.
  2. Here’s another fun  idea for decorating a pumpkin: paint a silhouette! Get all of the steps for this project on HGTV.
  3. Want a gorgeous pumpkin that will last through years of autumnal decorating? We recommend picking up one or more of our Mercury Pumpkins.
  4. More insects? We don’t mind if we do. Use craft store butterflies (in black for a Halloween feel) to create this look, from Midwest Living.

Want to feel even more inspired? Head over to our Pinterest board, A Spooky Halloween by Pottery Barn.

Chelsea’s Fresh and Fun Bath Update

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Chelsea, who blogs at Two Twenty One, recently finished a fun bath refresh that has us inspired to fill this oft-overlooked room with inspired details and pops of color. We chatted with her to find out more about the inspiration for this colorful and totally fresh bathroom update.

two twenty one guest bathroom 2[4]

Can you tell us why you chose the PB shower curtain?

The shower curtain was the missing link in this room.  Since I knew the curtain would be the focal point, I wanted to make sure I got something I loved.  After searching for months I was about to give up hope. When I stumbled on the PB shower curtain I knew it was the one.  I love the color and geometric print– it packs a punch without being overly busy.


two twenty one guest bathroom 1


What was your inspiration for the bathroom’s look?

Since our guest bathroom is rather small and doesn’t have any natural light, I wanted to give it a bright and fresh look.  And because it’s the main bathroom for guests to use, I wanted it to have some personal touches that reflect my husband and me.


two twenty one guest bathroom 3


We love the art. Can you tell us more about it? 

The art on the small shelf was a print I created (available for free on my blog).  It’s my tongue-and-cheek reference to Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean.”  I love hip hop, and I have a silly sense of humor so it made sense to add a little lyrical humor to our guest bath.  The Indiana print, by Poppy & Pinecone, was a first wedding anniversary gift from my husband.  Both of us were born, raised, and currently live in Indiana, so the print has context and sentimental value.
two twenty one guest bathroom 4


What’s one easy way to add some pizazz to a bathroom space?

Other than color, I’d say something sentimental.  I think every room in a house should have something in it that reflects the people who live there.
two twenty one guest bathroom 5


What are your favorite things about your bathroom refresh?

I love everything about the refresh, but my favorite thing is that I was able to change the entire look of the room without doing anything major or spending a ton of money.


Make sure to read more about Chelsea’s decorating and life on her blog,  Two Twenty One.

Framing the Table: A Perfect Pendant For Family Gatherings

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Designer Stephen Saint-Onge recently helped a family to design and execute the perfect dining room for their farmhouse. The before and after photos are absolutely impressive. We also love that Stephen chose to use our Burlap Drum Shade to frame the dining table.
Stephen notes, “I love this pendant light. It is over-sized and centered in this room. I love how it looks over the table and how it looks from outside the room at night too. This light, matched with the existing lanterns on the wall – all set on dimmers – truly allows the stage to be set for various events.”
How do you frame your dining table? Do you use a pendant, like Stephen did, or do you use a more formal chandelier?

Top Fall Decorating Trends—Showcase Foliage in Hurricanes

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  • Discover why hurricanes are a must-have fall decorating accessory. — Style at Home
  • Get the look of these celeb bedrooms. — Country Living
  • We’ll be dreaming about this gorgeous Montana ranch. — PopSugar Home
  • This spooky Halloween decor is divinely frightening! — Jezebel
  • Brown-butter apple tart, anyone? — Taste
  • Discover the medlar, a strange and charming tree. — Gardenista
  • Trays for tank storage. — Apartment Therapy

Weekend Excursion: A Paddle From Your Pier

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When our thoughts turn to fall, we start to daydream about quick paddles around a placid fall lake or a meandering river, ideally from the pier at a lakehouse. While we don’t have a weekend trip booked quite yet, it’s never too early to start a checklist of must-have accessories to make the trip worthwhile. Here, we’re sharing some of our favorites.
From top left,

  1. Light up the path to the pier after dark with pairs of the Camden Lanterns.
  2. Keep your toes dry thanks to a pair of classic Bean Boots.
  3. Ward off autumn chills with this Bristol Duffle Wool Coat.
  4. Go for classic paddling style with the Old Town Camper Canoe.
  5. Set up a pair of Surrey Chairs on your pier for watching the sunset after your paddle.
  6. Stay cozy next to your sweetheart under our Banded Knit Throw.

Do you have any canoe trips planned for your fall season? Tell us about your favorite destination in the comments!

Easy Steps For Decorating For a Halloween Party — Even if Your Budget and Timeline Aren’t Ideal

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Do you want to decorate and throw a fabulous party this Halloween? Are you operating on a tight timeline and an even tighter budget? Fear not: you can still throw a great party. Here are some tips from our in-house entertaining expert, Tony.


  1. Pick a theme or color palette and stick with it.
  2. For inexpensive ways to decorate, use elements you already own or can access. If you live in a seasonal area, use dried leaves from a park or your backyard and intersperse them with gourds and pumpkins.
  3. Add a touch of spookiness with our Halloween snack bowls, which you can use for nuts or little treats.
  4. For a statement piece, use our lit branches and cover them with spiders, ghosts, or cutouts (bonus: you can use these decorated in a different way for Thanksgiving decor).
  5. For food at a party, use small, easy finger foods that are half homemade and half store bought and don’t require any cooking.
  6. For drinks, try punches that are three ingredients for simplicity’s sake. Ginger ale, juice and rum with fruit added to it is a crowd pleaser, and you can keep refilling it throughout the party.

Simple, fun and fabulous! Need more Halloween entertaining inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board,  A Spooky Halloween.

We Love these #PBPets

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How’s your pet enjoying the summer? Perhaps with a nap in a Pottery Barn outdoor chaise or lounging on a Pottery Barn desk? We were absolutely charmed by these Instagram photos, which feature a mix of Pottery Barn products captured with some truly adorable cats and dogs.

Want to share your Pottery Barn favorite finds and your favorite pet? Tag your posts with #pbpets and you might just see your Instagram photo on our blog!


amydaisypych’s sweet calico kitty is curled up beneath our Benchwright Mirror.
Quinn looks ready for a cozy snooze on berkeleymitchell‘s very welcoming bed. We love the textiles paired with our Seagrass Headboard.
chrissy_andrus reports that her fluffy pop enjoys “hanging out on top of the couch.” We appreciate a few feline-like tendencies in a dog, don’t you?


mrsmcg813‘s pup is looking very obedient on our Owen Herringbone Jute Rug. Do you think she’s waiting for a treat?
Want to see your precious pet in an Instagram roundup? Tag your photo with #pbpets and you may see your puppy or kitty on the blog!


Solve Our Halloween Photo Hunt & Win This Doorway from Pottery Barn!

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Halloween’s right around the corner, and we’re excited to help you celebrate by offering one lucky fan a veritable cornucopia of Halloween- and autumn-oriented decorating accents. Want to be eligible for our prize package? Then solve our Halloween photo hunt by telling us which five items are missing or different in the picture on the right! (For a larger image, click here.)


One lucky winner will receive two Hanging Bat Votive Holders, one Harvest Pumpkin Wreath, two Jack O’Lantern Luminaries, one Small Faux Orange Pumpkin, and one Large Faux Orange Pumpkin. Good luck, and may be the best Halloween photo hunter win! (Please read the official rules here.)


To qualify for the giveaway, fill out the form below and make sure to list all five changed or missing items in the Untitled box below.

Thank you for reading; this contest is now closed.

How-To: Create a Pinboard For Your Home

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We’re excited to share this post from the Fall issue of Sweet Paul Magazine!

Pinboards are perfect for having a personal source of inspiration on the wall. When you make one yourself, you can get it exactly the way you want it!

Sewing materials are so beautiful and we wanted to display some of ours over our sewing table.

  1. Frame pieces of silk in embroidery hoops.
  2. Cut out pieces of foam board so that they fit inside the hoops and gently place them in the hoops from behind.
  3. Glue the edges of the fabric to the foam board on the backside.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.54.10 AM


Put up your favorite pics and memories from your most loved city. We found this old rustic bag that has been used by the New York City Transit Authority and just slipped a foam board inside. We smile every time we see it. New York, New York…


  1. Get an old sack or bag that you love.
  2. Cut out a foam board so that it fits the sack and slip it inside.
  3. Sew a loop on the backside so that you can hang it on a wall.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.54.20 AM


A great way to personalize pinboards is to cover them in beautiful papers in your favorite patterns and colors. We used paper from Paper Source and glued them to standard clipboards. We got clipboards from Amazon for super cheap! This project makes a colorful and inspirational wall.


  1. Cut out pieces of beautiful papers that are a little bit bigger than the clipboards.
  2. Glue the paper to the clipboards and fold back the edges of the paper to the backside of the clipboards and glue.


Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.54.34 AM


Tin ceilings were popular in the Victorian era and it’s easy to find old parts of those ceilings at NYC antique markets. We found a pink one and matched it with pics from magazines, old postcards, and Japanese stickers. You can choose between using magnets or sticky tack to put up your pictures.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.54.43 AM


Letterboards are just amazing. They have such a great and timeless design. And you can choose both font and size when you buy the letters! This is a felted board and the pics are pinned with needles. Put up a favorite quote. Ours is from The Great Gatsby, in 1-inch Helvetica. We bought the board and letters at

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.54.51 AM


Sweet Paul loves Brooklyn and it is lovable for sure. What an amazing place to live and work. This is a map of Downtown Brooklyn and Paul, we pinned your favorite place! Cutting it out was time consuming but still easy.


  1. Put a map of your selected area over a watercolor paper.
  2. Cut out the blocks and the water. Sketch some place names and spare those too if you wish.
  3. Decorate with a contrasting paper. Bkln has an extra layer of neon pink paper glued to the white.
  4. To give the map a small distance from the wall cut out a foam board frame and glue it to the backside.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.55.00 AM


Craft+styling by Lova Blavarg & Susanna Blavarg

Photography by Susanna Blavarg