Complete Your Costume with 5 Easy Details

Written by Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte for Building Blocks.

Looking for the perfect finishing touches for your Halloween costumes? We searched high and low to find the best online shops – we even tracked down where our favorite stylists shop!


(1) Hair Glitter, ​Miniature Maker Supply on Etsy​ (2) Doodle Headband, ​Emi Jay​ (3) All-Natural Pixie Powder Face Paint, ​Bumblebee Toys​ (4) Colorful Tights, ​HKC​ (5) Ballet Shoes, ​Linge Shoes​

1. Hair Glitter
Glitter adds a magical touch for an extra-special night. We found this cosmetic-grade glitter from an Etsy shop, and it can be used both in your hair and on your skin. Check out the fun metallic glitters for a subtle glow and the bright shades for an electric look!

2. Doodle Headband
Headbands are perfect for completing a variety of costumes and keeping hair stylishly in place. Doodle headbands and hair ties by Emi Jay are super hip and might be the coolest we’ve seen yet! Choose from a bazillion patterns, colors and styles. Plus, this fun company gives 20% of all sales to charity!

3. All-Natural Pixie Powder Face Paint
Pixie powder is super easy to use – follow ​our simple tutorial​ and you’ll be face painting like the pros. This sweet little shop carries a variety pack that is affordable and high quality.

4. Colorful Tights
You’ll find a rainbow of tights and leggings at this eBay shop. From orange and blue to hot pink and more, they have tights to match every costume.

5. Ballet Shoes
Oh my goodness, I’m completely in love with this ballet shoe shop! You can find ballet shoes in every color under the sun – perfect for completing your frightfully sweet look.

Happy Halloween!

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